Lately, I initiate my yoga practice by standing off the mat with heels grazing its top boundary and toes aiming north. Methodically, I circle its perimeter twice in [...]


“No,” my surgeon responded after I asked if a cross-legged seat would be fully accessible to me after my surgery. “No,” my physical therapist responded when asked if [...]

Table It

Flower Bomb:  Lies erode the fabric of our relationships, compromise intimacy, and seize energy from our cells. Truth unifies and beautifies our connections, generating peace and vitality. History: [...]

Brush Off

“Get back on the horse!” the instructor yelled across the riding arena. My horse had tripped coming off a jump, tumbled to the ground, rolled once, and eventually [...]


I’ve been to therapists, life coaches, esoteric healers, shamans, EFT practitioners, meditation coaches, psychics, healing circles, chakra cleanses, and spiritual counselors. In my late thirties, the confronting, momentous [...]


At a stop sign this past Monday morning, I inadvertently narrowed the roadway by crossing its midline, partially blocking the lane. I could feel the rage and piercing [...]


“Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging….” ~ Joseph CampbellOpportunity: This past month, a group chose to cold plunge in 19-degree water for [...]


A dear friend came to me the other day. Through tears, she asked my permission to share a confession. “Of course,” I said, “Are you okay?”She explained that she [...]


I am not rushing out of 2020, nor indulging it; rather, I am excavating and mining the hard-earned gems to move them forward when the time is right. [...]

I believe in you.

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