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Get Grounded

This week’s theme focused on the importance of observing habitual words in our speech as they tend to evade deeper meaning and truth. For years, I heard phrases like "get grounded”, “get present”, “just love”, and “drop your head into your heart”. While they were beautiful and well-intentioned, I had no idea what [...]

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took a teacher training in 2008 to deepen my own knowledge of yoga. local adults asked me to teach. scared to death. showed up anyway. fumbled. learned. studied. fumbled more. studied more. felt like a fraud. got life coached. healed relationships. developed a holistic coach/guide method. got sober. fumbled. confessed. learned more. studied [...]


2018: A Look Back

Confession: I feel no urgency to hammer out new goals for this year. Please don’t get me wrong; I live a disciplined life immersed with thoughtful intentions and visions. Right now, I choose to linger on the closings and openings I experienced as a result of the turbulent energies of 2018. As a [...]

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Passed Down

While checking out at the grocery store last week, I noticed that the lovely cashier seemed low and a bit out of sorts. I asked her how she was doing, to which she replied, I had a very rough commute this morning. I sensed that that wasn’t the whole story but continued to [...]

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“Your hands are so old and wrinkly,” she said while we were in a Downward Facing Dog pose during a recent kids yoga session. To which I replied, “Oh, but I love them. I think they are awesome.” She seemed surprised of my response, but time didn’t allow a further explanation. What I [...]


2 Years

I’ve written this post and taken it down 3 times. Why? The honest answer is that I feared people would judge me. However, I know that the only people who judge us are ourselves. I made a commitment as a mother and teacher to be honest so that my family and students would [...]

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Reflections on 2017

Thank you for gROwing with me this past year. 2017 was a celebratory year marked by our stronger systems, honed sensitivity, and resilience - byproducts of our committed practices. In our maturity, we learned that yoga is not just about bliss but also about gathering ways to flow with adversity. I know many [...]

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I recently participated in a mentorship course that asked its participants to craft sankalpas. A sankalpa is a present tense sentence often preceded by the phrases “I can”, “I will”, or “I must.” It is similar to a short-term goal that is achievable in 6-18 months. It represents one part that contributes to [...]


Tickled Pink

In honor of the pink full moon on April 10th and the rebirthing energy of spring, I would like to (re)plant what it is I desire for this season.  The following is a very loose, incomplete, stream of conscious writing of what it is I truly want: transparent communication to be taught in kindergarten, [...]

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Thank you, Mom, for your life and for my wake-up call. 10 years ago, you left this physical plane and it rocked me to my core. It propelled me to figure out who I am without the physical presence of a mother nor the “story”. I climbed a mountain searching for myself. In [...]

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