Three years ago, I went through a major life challenge. I woke up many nights in panic. My body hurt, and I was scared about my future. All the time.

Then I discovered breathwork. I’m so excited about sharing it with you.

Our breaths are free. We’re given all we need for our life. It’s our superpower. But most of us block our breath.

What if you are blocking your full potential for living without even knowing it?

What if the solution is as simple as your next open, uninhibited breath?

I am now offering breathwork facilitation as a 400-hour Certified Breathwork Facilitator.

Breathwork is an umbrella term that encompasses breath manipulation and control for the purpose of personal transformation. Conscious Connected Breath (CCB) is a potent technique, and the one I guide most often.

Breathwork is scientifically proven to heal our nervous system, improve our energy and creativity, and improve our sleep.

It has proven to me that there is nothing in my life I can’t handle. And it all matters. All of it. There’s beauty and significance in every moment.

This has brought me more joy than I could ever have imagined. It has taken my life and yoga to the next level.

I’m proud to offer one-on-one breathwork sessions and monthly group breathwork journeys.

Please contact me for availability and rates.

Loose circle
“The breathwork workshop was amazing- the way you guided us on the journey was perfect and the trust in you made it feel very safe. It was magical.”
S. S.
“… amazing breathwork workshop today. It was incredible, it was transcendent. You are such a gifted teacher, Robin. I’m so honored to be able to learn and grow through this work.”
M. K.

I believe in you.

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