Three years ago, I went through another major life challenge. I woke up many nights in panic. My body hurt, and I was scared about my future. All the time.

Then I discovered Conscious Connected Breathing. I’m so excited about sharing it with you.

Our breaths are free. We’re given all we need for our life. It’s our superpower. But most of us block our breath.

What if you are blocking your full potential for living without even knowing it?

What if the solution is as simple as your next open, free flowing breath and then the next one and the next one?

It has proven to me that there is nothing in my life I can’t handle. And it all matters. All of it. There’s beauty and significance in every moment.

This has brought me more joy than I could ever have imagined. It has taken my life and yoga to the next level.

What exactly is breathwork? 

Breathwork is an umbrella term encompassing the deliberate use of guided breath practices to consciously improve our physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Rooted in ancient traditions, breathwork has enjoyed a recent rise in popularity, largely due to scientific validation of its effectiveness as a powerful transformational tool.

Abundant diaphragmatic breathing counterbalances our modern life demands and their often-corresponding shallow, chest breathing patterns. Over time, hosting less oxygen and energy due to incorrect breath patterns can materialize dis-ease in the body.

It’s now widely used as an alternative therapy for treating trauma, stress-related illnesses, anxiety, and sleep disturbances.

In Conscious Connected Breathwork, we breathe in and out through the mouth in a continuous circle without the normal pauses. This type of connected, circular breathing increases the flow of oxygen and energy throughout the body, promoting incredible states of release, deepened self-understanding, and insights. It is now widely used as an alternative therapy for treating physical, mental, and emotional issues.

 Additional benefits include:

  • Increased emotional resilience and integration
  • Improved energy and mood
  • Strengthened forgiveness of self and other
  • Increased creativity
  • Remembrance of our interconnectedness and the blessings of our lives

I’m proud to offer as a 400-hour trauma-informed certified breathwork Facilitator and (400-hour certified in progress) Mentor:

Private breathwork sessions  include a check-in, breath analysis, personal inquiry and intention setting, guidance, support, and motivation through breathing journey with or without curated playlist, and integration of energy cycle, including continuation of specific insights and understandings into your life

Each session is approximately 75-90 minutes

Cost is $200 (Venmo @Robin-Giacomo)

Please contact me for availability and location (in-person or virtual)

Group breathwork journeys include step-by-step guidance, precise leadership, warm-up, introduction to the power of breathing, 45-60 minute Conscious Connected breathing lying down, spoken words, specifically designed music, and optional journaling and sharing

Robin is one of the most magnificent breath work facilitators I have had the pleasure of receiving from. She is well informed of the practice and shares important and helpful information before beginning, which opens for a well-supported journey. Breathing with Robin is not only nourishing but transformative. The blend of her vocal cues and music selection invites me to persevere through the challenging work and trust my body and breath to keep going. I’ve felt safe and supported to experience moments of complete bliss and moments of emotional release through working with Robin. She has beautiful intentions and is incredible at what she does. Grateful and blessed to be guided by her. – K. R.

Loose circle
“The breathwork workshop was amazing- the way you guided us on the journey was perfect and the trust in you made it feel very safe. It was magical.”
S. S.

“… amazing breathwork workshop today. It was incredible, it was transcendent. You are such a gifted teacher, Robin. I’m so honored to be able to learn and grow through this work.”

M. K.