My Clean Walls

Today, it’s Father’s Day. I’m in my dad’s house in my dad’s bedroom. Nobody’s in the room but me. The rules changed in a moment. No one asked. [...]

Life Raft

Come home. You’ve been out there long enough. I’ve been in the process of being Robin all my life. Life is always tossing me a life raft. Some [...]

5 Days in Paris

Olivia left her study abroad program early due to the pandemic. A year later, I suggested she return to complete the experience. Boldly, she agreed to go without [...]


This February, in a healing session, my teacher—who reads energy in the profound way that only she can—said, “Robin, it’s imperative for your future to travel somewhere warm [...]


Happy birthday, my Stella. With everything, there’s flavors. Stella likes chocolate. My loss tastes like metal. Cold. Stella is twelve years old, waiting for me on the curb, [...]


Sometimes, you feel like you’ve paid your dues. You’re good, and it’s going to be smooth sailing ahead. Last week, as part of my Breathwork certification, I gave a [...]


I’m going home to be with my Dad and sister. It’s Christmas time. This is my second Christmas without my then husband. And my first Christmas in twenty-two [...]

Your Bite

Jane knocks on the door with her wing. She’s my friend, the mourning dove. We are about to hop in the tub together. I am 8-years-old and wearing [...]

I believe in you.

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