Lately, I initiate my yoga practice by standing off the mat with heels grazing its top boundary and toes aiming north. Methodically, I circle its perimeter twice in each direction, pausing at the center to invoke the space. A sense of safety moves through the soles of my feet, balancing my pelvic halves. [...]



“No,” my surgeon responded after I asked if a cross-legged seat would be fully accessible to me after my surgery. “No,” my physical therapist responded when asked if I would be able to achieve a child’s pose. At my one-year post-op visit last week, I sat on the table and demonstrated the full [...]


Table It

Flower Bomb:  Lies erode the fabric of our relationships, compromise intimacy, and seize energy from our cells. Truth unifies and beautifies our connections, generating peace and vitality. History: Her name is Liar Lila: a cunning, unintegrated part of my psyche that originated in my child-mind. Most of her transgressions were benign, revolving around [...]

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Brush Off

“Get back on the horse!” the instructor yelled across the riding arena. My horse had tripped coming off a jump, tumbled to the ground, rolled once, and eventually righted himself. Thrown from the saddle, I landed under his belly and managed to scurry out of his hooves’ way, frightened by the prospect of [...]

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I’ve been to therapists, life coaches, esoteric healers, shamans, EFT practitioners, meditation coaches, psychics, healing circles, chakra cleanses, and spiritual counselors. In my late thirties, the confronting, momentous thrust of parenting demanded so much of me that I knew these technologies were indispensable for the health of our lineage. With their guidance, I [...]



At a stop sign this past Monday morning, I inadvertently narrowed the roadway by crossing its midline, partially blocking the lane. I could feel the rage and piercing gaze through my car window from the oncoming driver trying to squeeze by. He slowed down, glared at me with a beet red face, screaming [...]



“Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging….” ~ Joseph CampbellOpportunity: This past month, a group chose to cold plunge in 19-degree water for two minutes as part of an Emotional Intelligence and Consciousness Training.Preparation: In addition to proper attire, we stoked our internal heat with rigorous, “fire-dancing pranayama.”Launch: [...]



A dear friend came to me the other day. Through tears, she asked my permission to share a confession. “Of course,” I said, “Are you okay?”She explained that she had engaged in negative talk about me with a mutual teacher. I paused, felt her genuine heart, locked eyes, and replied, “You know I don’t [...]



I am not rushing out of 2020, nor indulging it; rather, I am excavating and mining the hard-earned gems to move them forward when the time is right. A few personal reminders, confessions, and commitments: Sexiest sentence: “I don’t know” Take nothing personally:  people can only see and meet me where they see [...]

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