I’ve been to therapists, life coaches, esoteric healers, shamans, EFT practitioners, meditation coaches, psychics, healing circles, chakra cleanses, and spiritual counselors.

In my late thirties, the confronting, momentous thrust of parenting demanded so much of me that I knew these technologies were indispensable for the health of our lineage.

With their guidance, I ceased giving my power away and, instead, tended to the inner innocence of my ignorance. I was able to navigate, traverse, and ultimately befriend the origin of my volatile anger, anxiety, and addictions.

These inquiries also brought me full circle to childhood observations. My mother prayed for others before dawn, and my father practiced Transcendental Meditation twice daily. Training myself to sit and stay, touch the agony and rapture equally, and track the impulses to escape, numb, or hide echoes the devoted practices of my parents.

There is ancient wisdom swimming in all of our waters. Perhaps decoding their messages requires a gentle movement back to our quiet seats long enough to listen and delight in their presence.

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