Jenny W.

“I have been a diehard fan of Robin Giacomo’s yoga since my first class with her. She got me hooked from the start for many reasons -- her practice style is so richly textured, so deeply informed, so inherently sensitive. I love it and I love accompanying her on the teacher-student path we have been creating together. She never loses sight of all the beautiful things one can bring to the mat and somehow she is able to incorporate more mind-body-spirit touches than any other teacher I have encountered.  She continually reminds her students that she is an equal seeking to evolve as all of us are. As a result, her lessons become our lessons and the classes turn into highly individualized growth opportunities. Robin fades into the background thereby allowing her students to center into their true depth. She is a gifted guide who takes her students gently into a pure, transcendent yoga experience.”

-Jenny W.

Jill S.

“That was a great yoga class yesterday - it is amazing to me how you take something as basic as Warrior and give me a whole new experience -- you start with a deeper understanding of the physical pose then tie it to greater meaning -- from that Warrior Pose I learned how strong boundaries concentrate my energy and enable me to reach out and find space I didn’t know I had --- I understood that with my body and my mind. Awesome!”

-Jill S

Melanie Tells Her Story

“Overall, everything had gone smoothly with the birth of my first child. I labored and delivered in a hospital with an experienced obstetrician who my husband and I trusted fully and who had given me excellent prenatal care. I gave birth to a beautiful baby without experiencing any complications. I couldn’t help feel, however, that something was missing. Labor didn’t feel the way I had always imagined it to be. The room was busy, too chaotic – and I didn’t feel focused. My mind was distracted by all the movement and noise in the room. I also felt somewhat disappointed that I opted for painkillers when I was hoping to give birth naturally.

So when I got pregnant two years later, I knew I wanted something different. Having a home birth wasn’t an option for me because of my high risk pregnancy and I didn’t know how to change the environment and dynamics of the hospital to make this birth a warmer, more intimate one. The solution came in the form of Robin. She was the missing piece to my labor and delivery puzzle.