Yoga Private Session

This is deep healing work on all levels, providing you with an individual richly texturized experience. It is highly conducive to help you turn off the bells and whistles of your life’s demands. It allows you to purify and tune into your body, and cultivate sustainable tools to recalibrate and reframe those demands with even more self-agency for the Highest and Best of All.

Loose circle

“Robin not only provided me the space to verbally explore the past trauma experiences I have endured, but she also has taught me the tools I can use to control how I am experiencing my current traumatic state. She is always a calming force. She is always listening to what your body, mind, and soul are requesting in the moment. Robin is loving, caring, and nurturing. I am forever grateful to the universe for allowing Robin to be in my life.”

M. L.

“Robin’s profound knowledge of the body, the nervous system and her ability to rebalance mind and body are a skill and an incredible gift. Our weekly yoga sessions restore me and are essential to maintain my equilibrium. Robin’s coaching helps me challenge and change my narrative about and relationship with myself. This allows me time and again to breathe, to reconnect mind and body, and to feel grounded. She is my friend, my ally and my secret weapon in my continued growth”.

C. V.

“Working with Robin privately is a truly wonderful experience. Her yoga sessions are inspirational, spiritual and transformational. In addition to being an excellent yoga instructor, Robin is nurturing and encouraging, and she works as much on inner development as she does on flexibility, strength and breathing. I always leave our sessions feeling invigorated yet relaxed, and confident with my connection to myself, my children and the world.”

J. B.


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