Coaching Private Session

When you gift yourself one-on-one coaching sessions, they will change your life in an appropriate and effective time frame.

For the first four weeks, you will be led through the GROW METHOD, a proven roadmap to growing and living well. You will learn how to create intentional visions for your life, cultivate and reprogram outdated belief systems, and make inspired choices that align you to your vision. After the first month, our sessions weave the methodology throughout areas of your life, starting with the ones that require the most attention and rejuvenation.

These sessions are customized and preciously curated for you based on your current alignment and future desires. The space is meticulously prepared ahead of time. You can expect, in addition to effective coaching knowledge and experience, meditation, prayer making, and intuitive guidance.

When we work together, you are given utmost support, but ultimately your personal fulfillment is based on your commitment to being the best version of yourself. You are met, however, wherever you are. Please expect weekly written homework assignments as they greatly impact the efficiency of the work.

This work is powerful and creates sustainable, healthy movement in your life. Also, it has been proven to create similar influence for your loved ones and beyond. Most individuals experience positive movement in one life area in two months.

What to expect:

  • the cost of a private coaching session includes an one-hour personal session, email support, homework editing between sessions, and a 15-minute call between sessions, if necessary
  • one must be able to commit to meeting once a week for a month to effectively immerse in the method
  • after the first month, you decide how much time is needed to integrate and dedicate to your work between sessions
  • typically clients choose to work weekly together for several months, pare down to every other week for several months, and then, benefit from intermittent “tune-up” sessions
  • most sessions take place in-person in Larchmont, NY or Zoom

For rates and availability, please contact me.

A free twenty-minute phone consult will cover more of your personal questions/details and determine whether or not there is mutual resonance.

Loose circle

“Robin is an authentic and nurturing soul. Her gifts as a teacher and coach come from her heart and are best experienced in her presence. She has a generosity of spirit that is palpable and she clearly only wants to help her clients find their own best sense of self. Working with Robin has been a carefully guided journey inward. From the beginning, she met me where I was and used her innate wisdom to help bring me to where I was meant to go. Through her techniques my self-discoveries have been innumerable. I have uncovered a strength I didn’t know I owned and trust in myself that I can now count on. I am forever grateful to Robin and I can’t recommend a more capable and caring person to guide you on your path.”

P. B.
“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”

“Robin- you are so special to me. Your love and coaching has helped me grow tremendously this past year. I began a healing journey that I didn’t think existed. Your guidance has allowed me to revisit my past with kindness and acceptance, my anxiety with compassion and love. You’ve guided me through a transformation that has led me to the most beautiful path of confidence, worthiness, and patience. I’ve grown as a mother, wife, teacher, and friend. I will continue to work with you so that I may continue to thrive and grow. Thank you.”

L. P.


Coaching Intro The GROW Method provides a roadmap to support our becoming. It is a way to journey into our humanness so that we may find the freedom to touch our aliveness. [...]