Coaching Group Gatherings

We do not need to be fixed. But, we may need guidance to unlearn our false selves and remember our true nature so that we can rise in the fullness of our physical presence. Often times, we block our own potential due to illusions and randomly adhering to limited beliefs absorbed by our parents, teachers, society, and culture. These gatherings have been called in to bravely usher women to embrace their humanity and (re) beautify their relationship to self and other. Through effective technologies that support self-agency and intimacy, we begin to orient our trajectories toward marching to the beat of our own drums with sustainable grace, enthusiasm, and joy.

Once a week for one month, small groups of women gather in sacred circle to learn the GROW METHOD. This proven method supports women to give voice and write down their innermost desires; integrate limited thought systems; and design small, inspired choices to support their highest visions and truths.

Most groups opt to continue after the one month, building an unbreakable bond of support and celebration for one another’s evolution.


Please reach out for availability and inquiries.

  • Week 1: Create (heart/soul)

  • Week 2: Cultivate (mind)

  • Week 3: Choices (body)

  • Week 4: Clarity (integration)

Loose circle
“No one emerges from the journey of transformation without having weathered a storm or two and without being washed up on the shore, gasping for breath, now and then. That is the nature of the experience. It is foolhardy to think that you are expected to skim the surface of your journey untouched, and to emerge unscathed. That’s not the way it works – when it works. For to realize the full potential of this journey, it is necessary that you be willing to immerse yourself in the treacherous water of change, knowing the ability to swim like a champion, under all possible conditions, is within you.”
Rasha, Oneness

“I loved every minute of your course. It was… just life changing – probably one of the best things I ever have done for myself.”



Coaching Intro The GROW Method provides a roadmap to support our becoming. It is a way to journey into our humanness so that we may find the freedom to touch our aliveness. [...]