Demystifying Yoga

When people find out that I’m a yoga teacher, the most common comment I receive is “I can’t do yoga”. The message that I would like to articulate is that you can.  I commenced yesterday’s class as I typically do, by letting my students know that if they spend the entire 75 minutes in child’s pose but keep their intention and breath close to them, they are practicing yoga. Once a safe, aligned pose is formed and it’s infused with the ever present divine life force via the breath, you are doing yoga.  Yoga is the refuge from self -judgement, self- criticizing, comparisons, opinions and limited beliefs.  Yoga is your ultimate respite.  Your yoga mat provides not only a physical boundary for your body but a mental and emotional one as well.  Within that boundary we use the poses to strengthen our bodies for the purpose of creating a vast inner landscape.  As muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons align to one another, a sturdy vessel is created allowing more prana, or life force, to nourish and bathe our organs and cells with healing energy. When our awareness to this affirming pulsation of life increases, our joy, love, and empowerment do too.  And that makes us feel good.  When we feel good, we attract more good into our lives. Yes, you can do yoga if you allow yourself to settle into this understanding.