Life Raft

Come home. You’ve been out there long enough. I’ve been in the process of being Robin all my life. Life is always tossing me a life raft. Some days are easier than others. Some days the raft needs a little extra air. But my best beauty comes through when I realize that raft [...]

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5 Days in Paris

Olivia left her study abroad program early due to the pandemic. A year later, I suggested she return to complete the experience. Boldly, she agreed to go without the structure of a program and students. She got permission from her new job and rented an apartment for two months. Being the great mother [...]

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This February, in a healing session, my teacher—who reads energy in the profound way that only she can—said, “Robin, it’s imperative for your future to travel somewhere warm like the Yucatán before the New Moon on March 2nd.” Then she said it again. I’d never heard her use the words imperative for your future. [...]



Happy birthday, my Stella. With everything, there’s flavors. Stella likes chocolate. My loss tastes like metal. Cold. Stella is twelve years old, waiting for me on the curb, tapping her fingers on her watch. I promised her five dollars every time I was late picking her up from school. “Five bucks, please,” she [...]



Sometimes, you feel like you’ve paid your dues. You’re good, and it’s going to be smooth sailing ahead. Last week, as part of my Breathwork certification, I gave a practicum to the teachers, mentors, and fellow students. “You’re good to go,” the mentor said after our sound check just moments before the session. I [...]



I’m going home to be with my Dad and sister. It’s Christmas time. This is my second Christmas without my then husband. And my first Christmas in twenty-two years without our girls. I should be sad to go, and somehow, I’m not. I’m in a really strange place. I’ve been petrified to be alone. As [...]


Your Bite

Jane knocks on the door with her wing. She’s my friend, the mourning dove. We are about to hop in the tub together. I am 8-years-old and wearing my favorite bathing suit; the one that’s white with green strips. I have deep set eyes that always look like I’m up to something mischievous. [...]

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Three Profound Words

In the summers, I swam for Rally Aquatics Swim Club at Kings College five mornings a week from 8:00 – 10:00. I was ten years old. It was a big deal. Each day, our coach, Mr. Shaughnessy, wheeled a chalkboard out to the middle of the pool deck, and I’d start to get [...]

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Next Step

I settle in with myself and ask, “Do you know where you’re headed?” “Yes.” “What’s your next step?” I peruse the checklist. Have I taken care of my human self? Am I hydrated? Oxygenated? Have I meditated? Is my space clean and decluttered? Do my clothes celebrate my fullest expression? Once affirmed, I [...]

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Lately, I initiate my yoga practice by standing off the mat with heels grazing its top boundary and toes aiming north. Methodically, I circle its perimeter twice in each direction, pausing at the center to invoke the space. A sense of safety moves through the soles of my feet, balancing my pelvic halves. [...]

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