Invisibile Warfare by Mona MillerTitle: Invisible Warfare
Published by: Communication Arts Company
Pages: 207
ISBN13: 978-0978665203

Invisible Warfare: The Workbook is a step-by-step guide that helps you come to grips with your thoughts, feelings, confusion and desires3/4in other words your life. Once you can see and understand yourself and your world from within, your perceptions change, and therefore, so does your life. All too often we live with and recycle the same information for years, never knowing the impact. Every word we speak and write represents a thought, feeling and a perception that may be negatively affecting every move we make or don t make3/4all because of a lack of self-understanding. The Workbook provides the reader with the opportunity to answer questions and go beneath the usual, respective journal writing on this journey of self-discovery. Original techniques are used to reveal the core issue underneath the surface writing. Whether you use the concept book, Invisible Warfare alone or with this companion workbook, you will go beyond what you know. Why wait?

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