At a stop sign this past Monday morning, I inadvertently narrowed the roadway by crossing its midline, partially blocking the lane. I could feel the rage and piercing gaze through my car window from the oncoming driver trying to squeeze by. He slowed down, glared at me with a beet red face, screaming inaudible and clearly vulgar words in my direction. The exchange culminated with a fierce flipping of his middle finger.

I nodded to him in a way that acknowledged my innocent mistake. He sped off. I slowly pulled out onto the highway. All I could think and feel was his anger. I allowed it to absorb me for a moment so to cultivate compassion. I realized that if this man was so irate because of a traffic violation, he must be contending with a great deal in his world. I thought about the discrepancy in the privilege to even entertain such a thought. My practice afforded the freedom. So, I dropped into prayer for him.  It felt like the right thing to do.

For me, anytime I can remain stable, steady, and sensitive in the face of adversity and take a broader view merits celebration. I was victorious this time, but that’s not always the case.

If you have any victories this week, celebrate them.
Every day that you get out of bed and refuse to listen to the negative self-talk, it’s a victory.
Every day that you try to understand someone, it’s a victory.
Every day that you seek to support more than ask to be supported, it’s a victory.
Every day that you uplift a room, it’s a victory.
Every day that you yell at a loved one, fall off the wagon, adhere to insecurities, obsess about money, friends, or success, and notice it, it is a victory.

If you have any messes this week, celebrate it. It is through the creation and destruction of life that we master balance. Most of the magic lies in our imperfections and the conscious course correction back to center.

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