One of my mentors, Paramatma Siri Sadhana, speaks to the weekly movement of flowers, preferably on Friday, Venus Day, as a neuro-physiological and self-observation practice. The subtle energy emitted from the flowers and the subsequent response from givers and recipients is palpable and awe-inspiring.

Six years ago, our new neighbors walked down our driveway, enthusiastically introducing themselves and their three daughters. We eagerly met and shared their welcoming energy, sharing our common interests and love of the community and even exchanged phone numbers to field any future questions or concerns. As the years passed, their smiles and waves seemed to wane as we passed by, and the shift in energy was obvious. All three of my personal policies: no taking other peoples’ reactions personally, no complaining, and no gossiping were significantly tested, and, admittedly, I didn’t always adhere to them.

As I approach five years of sobriety, I know that destructive habitual patterns require a massive disruption of rhythm if change is desired. So, two weeks ago, I committed to making our neighbors the recipients of my weekly movement of flowers. My ego tried to talk me out of it the entire week. Even though I had no agenda other than my wish to share beauty with them, the vulnerability of heading up their front walk and ringing their doorbell caused moments of serious reconsideration and retraction. I did it anyway…because my choices are consciously designed to activate soul growth and service, which always challenge my easier, lazier routes.

I rang the doorbell. The stunning flowers separating the door and me gave me some much needed confidence. She opened the door not knowing initially whom I was and instead was completely overjoyed by the sight of the flower arrangement. I explained through my mask that I move flowers each week to spread beauty and joy, and that I thought of her and her beautiful family this week. Still slightly shocked and delighted, we had a lovely exchange and caught up on our lives briefly. My heart was overflowing as I walked back to our house. The next day, I received a text and a picture of the flowers at their vacation home (they traveled with them!), thanking me again for the generous gesture.

The best part: the following week, as I was taking the recyclables down our driveway, two of their girls were sitting in their front yard playing. They began to wave wildly at me- something they hadn’t done for years. As I got closer to them, they both shouted, “thank you so much for the flowers!” Again, my heart filled and I gave a nod to the power of vulnerability, integrity, and my mentor’s intelligence for teaching that the Aquarian Age’s message is that the other person is you and the highest work is inclusion and collaboration.

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