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Visions + Breathwork Workshop

a vision writing +  breathwork journey

Saturday, January 20th, 2024

11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Throughout the past decade, many people have been drawn to my coaching work because they want to get rid of this or move away from that. These intentions are honorable, but I rarely find that they are accompanied by a well-defined Big Why or crystalized conception of where to head instead. If we don’t define who we want to be, what has happened to us will.

For the past eleven years, I’ve written five-sentence visions for each of my most important life areas. Informing what I say yes and no to, they offer me clear boundaries and enormous freedom.

At this two-hour workshop, movement, ConsciousConnected Breathwork, and vision writing will launch us into 2024 feeling even more grounded in our bodies and expanded in our bigger visions.

You can expect:

– slow flow movement & yoga
– 45 minute Conscious Connected Breathwork Journey, lying on our backs toa curated playlist
– paper-to-pen exercises to craft a five-sentence Relationship to Self vision for 2024

This workshop will benefit and is open to anyone who is:
– Willing to experience focus, passion, and empowerment in 2024
– Longing to live even more consciously
– Curious about the way they move, breathe, and language dreams
– Willing to explore the depths that transcend surface states
– Willing to learn tools and techniques to reverse-engineer 2024
– Willing to use group energy to heal, explore, and grow

Radiate Yoga
19 Second Avenue, Pelham, NY
Saturday, January 20, 2024
11:00 am – 1:00 pm
What to bring:
Yoga mat, optional blanket, socks & hat fora cozier breathwork journey, journal, and pen & water bottle


Please reserve your space by completing waiver & submitting payment here.


Robin is one of the most magnificent breath work facilitators I have had the pleasure of receiving from. Breathing with Robin is not only nourishing but transformative. I’ve felt safe and supported to experience moments of complete bliss and moments of emotional release through working with Robin. – K. R., breathwork participant

Working with Robin has been the greatest gift I have ever given myself and my family. The group coaching sessions with Robin have been exceptional, and through Robin’s skillful and holistic approach, I have gained clearer insight into recurring patterns playing out in my life and developed a greater understanding of how to shift certain behaviors. – N.R, growth coaching participant.

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