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Ugh - it happened again!  This weekend, I lost my composure (again) with Stella.  The culprit being our differences regarding electronic use in the home.  Ultimately, I was lashing out at myself for not creating stronger boundaries around this issue and for not providing appropriate outlets for relaxation.  Regardless, there I was forgetting to pause and breathe - the primary pillars of my teaching.
Because I do not believe in coincidences, I just "happen" to listen to Deepak Chopra talking about STOP.  He believes we need to STOP in order to live "mindfully and consciously."

S: stop what you are doing
T:  take a few breaths
O:  observe your body and smile
P:  proceed with kindness and compassion

The ride to school today affirmed this simple but profound technique -  "Mommy, that was such a good morning.  You seemed so patient and kind." 

Business and Yoga?

I recently guided graduate students from the Columbia Business School in a one-hour yoga class as part of their Personal Leadership Retreat.
Thriving leaders, according to the Business School, rise from five pillars of personal success:  purpose, wisdom, self-awareness, growth, and love.  Each of these pillars requires our presence, which is one of our greatest commodities.  My intention, then, was for the students to embody presence, using yoga as the vehicle.
Through conscious breathing, yoga merges our body-mind unit with our spirit, and we become presentOur bodies become stronger, our thoughts lose their potency, and our emotions even out.  Most importantly, we gain access to deeper parts of our essence.  When we are operating in the world from this divine place, we become magnets for effortless solutions and solid decision-making.
So, yes, our leaders in the business world can reap awe- inspiring skills from the yoga mat.  It was with a delightful heart that I participated in and witnessed this sweet understanding.


"we are so lucky"

she said “we are so lucky”
at a time most people would highly disagree.
to the outsider her life didn’t seem lucky at all.
body was failing, but never her spirit or faith.
that’s how powerful a woman she was.
that faith has been instilled in us, that omnipotent
belief in all okay-ness absorbed into our beings.
it has been our compass all along.
we’re just wiping off the lens a bit so that lightness, laughter, joy can
she rings chimes, even in the stillness,
knowing it’s her and that there’s something
bigger here.

Demystifying Yoga

When people find out that I’m a yoga teacher, the most common comment I receive is “I can’t do yoga”. The message that I would like to articulate is that you can.  I commenced yesterday’s class as I typically do, by letting my students know that if they spend the entire 75 minutes in child’s pose but keep their intention and breath close to them, they are practicing yoga. Once a safe, aligned pose is formed and it’s infused with the ever present divine life force via the breath, you are doing yoga.  Yoga is the refuge from self -judgement, self- criticizing, comparisons, opinions and limited beliefs.  Yoga is your ultimate respite.  Your yoga mat provides not only a physical boundary for your body but a mental and emotional one as well.  Within that boundary we use the poses to strengthen our bodies for the purpose of creating a vast inner landscape.  As muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons align to one another, a sturdy vessel is created allowing more prana, or life force, to nourish and bathe our organs and cells with healing energy. When our awareness to this affirming pulsation of life increases, our joy, love, and empowerment do too.  And that makes us feel good.  When we feel good, we attract more good into our lives. Yes, you can do yoga if you allow yourself to settle into this understanding.

Are you basically behaving?

By Robin Giacomo with Elena Brower

About two years ago, I stumbled across a blog entitled “Understanding Why We Keep Secrets” By Elena Brower. I was standing in my kitchen with my jaw dropped as I read about her huge (former) secrets-smoking and cheating! It would take another two years for me to fully understand that being responsible for your truth is the first step toward what you most deeply desire in your life.

It became a deep desire to be in Elena’s presence and learn the reasons behind her outing, although I had a strange sense that I already knew them. I attended one of her yoga classes in New York, and after the class, Elena handed out flyers for a workshop she was leading, basically posing the question, “Are you behaving?”