I am not rushing out of 2020, nor indulging it; rather, I am excavating and mining the hard-earned gems to move them forward when the time is right. A few personal reminders, confessions, and commitments: Sexiest sentence: “I don’t know” Take nothing personally:  people can only see and meet me where they see [...]


5 Years

Wake-up call: “You will not get to the next level unless you stop drinking.” Five years ago, I was jolted awake by a voice. Back story: My journey to sobriety arose not in spite of my suffering, but because of it. It took twenty-plus years of being tossed around in the turbulent waters [...]

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Moving Flowers

One of my mentors, Paramatma Siri Sadhana, speaks to the weekly movement of flowers, preferably on Friday, Venus Day, as a neuro-physiological and self-observation practice. The subtle energy emitted from the flowers and the subsequent response from givers and recipients is palpable and awe-inspiring. Six years ago, our new neighbors walked down our [...]

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Get Grounded

This week’s theme focused on the importance of observing habitual words in our speech as they tend to evade deeper meaning and truth. For years, I heard phrases like "get grounded”, “get present”, “just love”, and “drop your head into your heart”. While they were beautiful and well-intentioned, I had no idea what [...]

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took a teacher training in 2008 to deepen my own knowledge of yoga. local adults asked me to teach. scared to death. showed up anyway. fumbled. learned. studied. fumbled more. studied more. felt like a fraud. got life coached. healed relationships. developed a holistic coach/guide method. got sober. fumbled. confessed. learned more. studied [...]



“Your hands are so old and wrinkly,” she said while we were in a Downward Facing Dog pose during a recent kids yoga session. To which I replied, “Oh, but I love them. I think they are awesome.” She seemed surprised of my response, but time didn’t allow a further explanation. What I [...]


Me to We: A Mothering Journey

Shifting from me – a hierarchical household of “my rules, my house” — to we — a shared partnership — began a new kind of mothering for me. Top-Down Mothering Through the Generations I’m the mother of Olivia and Stella, the daughter of Corrine, and the granddaughter of Ramah — a bloodline rich [...]

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Spiritual Partnerships

My desire is to have a spiritual partnership, not only with myself, but with my spouse and our children.  To me, a spiritual partnership is thriving when we are present, awake, and alive with our loved ones.  Here is how I am practicing this by: putting electronics away when loved ones are with [...]

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Are you basically behaving?

About two years ago, I stumbled across a blog entitled “Understanding Why We Keep Secrets” By Elena Brower. I was standing in my kitchen with my jaw dropped as I read about her huge (former) secrets-smoking and cheating! It would take another two years for me to fully understand that being responsible for your [...]

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