Tickled PinkIn honor of the pink full moon on April 10th and the rebirthing energy of spring, I would like to (re)plant what it is I desire for this season.  The following is a very loose, incomplete, stream of conscious writing of what it is I truly want:

transparent communication to be taught in kindergarten, people to love themselves enough to peel away more of their veneer, to be kissed on the top of my head, to be dazzled by love, to randomly share hundred dollar bills to the underserved, to learn how my mom came to know GOD, to know every angle of the calling, everyone to accept where he/she is, to be wowed by animals, to understand the real meaning of the cardinals’ songs, to sit under the pine trees and sing loudly, “come on baby light my fire,” to bow to the completion of the parts of my life script that no longer serve me, a communal dining room table, fresh flowers in every room, organic food to be accessible to all, radiant alignment and perfect health, passionate collaborators, gentle expansion, to be a paradigm shifter, time to expand so I can host more women’s circles, to write a book, to slip into the next phase of parenting with pride and admiration and “please fly” permission slips in hand, to see colors in people’s energy fields, more marriage miracles and magic, more sister and tribe dates, Papa to write down all of his wisdom for the next generation, gROw Yoga to nourish what’s in people’s bones and hearts, to be known and to know, a world where people are kind, Yoga to be available to all, my prayer list for others to come true, to be tickled pink

The wise ones say that if we don’t have a vision, we perish. April’s energy is ushering in the desire to change and create. What will you choose?

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