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Moving Flowers

One of my mentors, Paramatma Siri Sadhana, speaks to the weekly movement of flowers, preferably on Friday, Venus Day, as a neuro-physiological and self-observation practice. The subtle energy [...]

Get Grounded

This week’s theme focused on the importance of observing habitual words in our speech as they tend to evade deeper meaning and truth. For years, I heard phrases [...]


took a teacher training in 2008 to deepen my own knowledge of yoga. local adults asked me to teach. scared to death. showed up anyway. fumbled. learned. studied. [...]

Passed Down

While checking out at the grocery store last week, I noticed that the lovely cashier seemed low and a bit out of sorts. I asked her how she [...]


“Your hands are so old and wrinkly,” she said while we were in a Downward Facing Dog pose during a recent kids yoga session. To which I replied, [...]

2 Years

I’ve written this post and taken it down 3 times. Why? The honest answer is that I feared people would judge me. However, I know that the only [...]


I recently participated in a mentorship course that asked its participants to craft sankalpas. A sankalpa is a present tense sentence often preceded by the phrases “I can”, [...]

GROW and Live Well

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