Reflections on 2017Thank you for gROwing with me this past year. 2017 was a celebratory year marked by our stronger systems, honed sensitivity, and resilience – byproducts of our committed practices. In our maturity, we learned that yoga is not just about bliss but also about gathering ways to flow with adversity. I know many of you came to your mats weary and, at times, worn out by life’s unpredictability. Together, we aimed to embrace these challenging moments, cultivate their messages, and mine their gold for a fuller life.

My wise mentor shared with me that the opposite of faith is not doubt, but rather certitude. This year, may you allow faith to inform your choices, paving a year with more openness, softness, compassion, and care.

Personal Highlights of 2017

  • I banned the word “hard” from my vocabulary
  • I focused on my freedom by allowing polarized feelings to exist in the same space, especially confidence and doubt
  • I strengthened my sound current by promising to eliminate complaints and gossip from my thoughts and words
  • I allowed my practice to be led by what I needed versus what I “should have” been doing
  • I witnessed my unsavory parts, smothered them in love, and neutralized their charge
  • I had my own back and focused more on presence than perfection
  • I trusted my intuition and took on more private clients, weaving yoga, personal growth, and somatic healing work for some of my highest work to date
  • I hosted more coaching circles and offered more techniques to children, helping them to embrace their bodies, minds, and emotions
  • I apologized and confessed more and did multiple “re-dos” with my family for richer connection
  • I continued to dissolve subtler layers of my conditioning, especially around themes of self-doubt, envy, and comparison
  • I allowed divinity to run through a more clean, awake body and met negative sensations with grace
  • I danced, streamlined my mind through meditation, got out in the woods, said, “I love you, thank you”, anchored even more gratitude, and opened doors to the wonder and innocence of life

2018 Offerings

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