Ode-to-My-Yoga-for-Mama-StudentsI am blessed to take the month of August off to study, write, reflect, and practice.  In September, we begin our fourth year together.  Before then, I would like to take a moment to express my gratitude to each of you.

Thank you for sharing your practice with me. Thank you for the privilege of guiding you and allowing me to observe you at your strongest moments and your shakiest moments. I see the stories you hold in your bodies and the strength in your vulnerabilities. I see the tenacity with which you are willing to trust and release. I see the tears and the quivering lips and feel blessed that your yoga is shifting necessary energy to move you closer to your own knowing as a beautiful, inspired being. I also see the smiles and appreciate you playing with me as I move you out of familiar patterns to break the mechanics of the practice and our habits. Most importantly, I see how you move, breathe, and embody our weekly themes for the sake of your families.

As One, we will continue to grow, evolve, and discover more lessons on the mat together. I cannot wait to witness that in September.  Please stay tuned for the schedule.

With the fullest heart,