IntegrationI recently participated in a mentorship course that asked its participants to craft sankalpas. A sankalpa is a present tense sentence often preceded by the phrases “I can”, “I will”, or “I must.” It is similar to a short-term goal that is achievable in 6-18 months. It represents one part that contributes to the whole (your dharma/purpose).

This is what I submitted:

I will be me.
I must be me.
I can be me.

The following email chain transpired between my teacher and me:

What does ME mean? Be more specific.

seeker, settled, brave, scared, honest, awkward, confident, deep, shallow, original, repeater, lover, comfortable, connected, going forward, staying still, earthly, dimensional, timely, trusting, in spirit, leader, follower, selfish, selfless, knower, known, caller, called, real

Superb – for me, it looks like:
I can prioritize me
I will prioritize me
I must prioritize me

While my sankalpa may seem obvious, its prework was extensive. I’ve spent the past 33 years, the last 10 in earnest, remembering and unlearning. I wrote this sankalpa so that I remember to allow opposing parts of myself to rest gently side-by-side, integrated. Life becomes softer, and we become even more available and open to others.
“You want to have your cup overflowing so you have enough to give to everybody else. You can’t keep giving from an empty cup.” Living my sankalpa and heeding Oprah’s wisdom means that the best way I can serve others is by giving from my cup’s overflow.

Magic lives in the overflow, and it is wildly abundant and generous.  As this summer winds down, my prayer is that everyone be first in line for very good care, fill their cups to the brim, and revel in the emanating sparkles.

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