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GROWTH Mentoring Intro

The GROW Method provides a roadmap to connect to the best parts of yourself… and the worst. It is only through embracing our humanness that we find the freedom to live fully alive. While I am in no means an expert on your life, I am deeply dedicated to enriching my lineage and life according to my highest expression. Nothing brings me more joy than sharing and co-creating with others so that they fall in love with their lives, too! NOW is time to say YES to your life, to rise up from solid ground, tap into your deepest knowing, claim your unique gifts, and move toward the best possible outcome on a daily basis.

When we work together, you can expect to:

  • develop techniques to create specific movement toward what it is you really want in your life and to live as a leader and lighthouse
  • understand your flavor of obstacles and blind spots, their origins, and ways to embrace and meet them so as to cease inner warring
  • rewrite old theories as new, supportive ones
  • celebrate your failures and struggles as agents for wisdom, creativity, and innovation
  • learn how to keep your word to yourself, build integrity, and make small, daily choices that keep you one beat ahead of your conditioning and habits
  • be supported by an accountability partner who will hold your highest vision with fierce love and steady grace, even if you wobble through some grit and messes on the path to your visions
  • acquire tools that neutralize your nervous system so that you make choices from the soul level, instead of the personality level
  • re-frame the way you language your life and embrace living in the “AND” space for emotional balance and confidence
  • learn how to be curious about your life, rather than aggressive and impatient
  • be guided by a mentor who lives this method and who meets you wherever you are but never leaves you the same

Who does this work benefit:

Many find that, after significant inner work – whether that be therapy, journaling, yoga, or meditation – they say, “Yes, I know this about myself. Now what? How do I make sustainable, healthy changes?”

This work also benefits anyone else interested in playing with their shades of greatness, whether that means cleaning up “noisy” areas of their life or taking an existing area to the next level of growth and expansion.

For more information refer to the PRIVATE GROWTH MENTORING and GROUP GROWTH MENTORING pages.

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Loose circle

“Robin’s coaching is precise, full of love, and straight to the heart of what needs to happen. Her own path has been full of potent choices that have turned her into a beacon for all of us.”

Elena Brower, world-renowned yoga/meditation teacher and author

“I identified some habits I wanted to change, but no one taught me how to make those changes…until Robin. Robin’s authentic and holistic approach teaches me how to listen to my physical body “in the moment” for cues about how I am feeling. She gives me practical ways to respond to triggers so I can better manage my responses to others. This has created more positivity and confidence within myself, and more harmony in my marriage and relationships with our children. I highly recommend working with Robin Giacomo — she has profoundly changed my life for the better.”


I love sharing my seasoned years, lessons, and revelations with others who are interested in bringing even more connection, love, and service into their lives!

GROW and Live Well

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