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GROWTH Coaching; Birthing

Science now proves that the influence of the environment, including the womb, greatly impacts our babies well before they are born.

This is an intimate, powerful experience to enhance a positive environment for you, your partner, and new born child. It is an opportunity to consciously design how you envision your birth process to unfold, knowing of course, that it is all divinely designed.

Our work together begins many months before your big day. You are taught how to craft a concise, potent, five sentence written birthing vision. This becomes your beacon and is recited morning and night for many months. This will seal your highest intention into your system, including your womb.

Also, you are given verbal and written assignments to purify your body, mind, and emotions of fears and concerns, real or perceived.

While in the birthing room, the rhythmic rehearsal of this day, tends to harmonize your nervous system. This allows you to be available and present to the unfolding miracle. Respectfully by your side, you are led through practiced breath work, meditation, and visualizations to soothe your contractions.

While the gift of creation is in the hands of the Creator, it is reassuring to know you have ample healing power to shape your birth. You will welcome your child into this world with even more grace and inspiration.

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“Robin possesses a true, innate talent that is hard to sum up in words. My husband and I have a great appreciation of her and what she so naturally brings to her work. We have grown to have a special connection with Robin through this experience and she will always hold a special place in our hearts. We will be forever grateful to her for all she did to help us achieve my dream birth.”

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