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STOP Ugh - it happened again!  This weekend, I lost my composure (again) with Stella.  The culprit being our differences regarding electronic use in the home.  Ultimately, I was lashing out at myself for not creating stronger boundaries around this issue and for not providing appropriate outlets for relaxation.  Regardless, there I [...]


Business and Yoga?

I recently guided graduate students from the Columbia Business School in a one-hour yoga class as part of their Personal Leadership Retreat. Thriving leaders, according to the Business School, rise from five pillars of personal success: purpose, wisdom, self-awareness, growth, and love. Each of these pillars requires our presence, which is one of [...]

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Demystifying Yoga

When people find out that I’m a yoga teacher, the most common comment I receive is “I can’t do yoga”. The message that I would like to articulate is that you can.  I commenced yesterday’s class as I typically do, by letting my students know that if they spend the entire 75 minutes [...]

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Are you basically behaving?

About two years ago, I stumbled across a blog entitled “Understanding Why We Keep Secrets” By Elena Brower. I was standing in my kitchen with my jaw dropped as I read about her huge (former) secrets-smoking and cheating! It would take another two years for me to fully understand that being responsible for your [...]

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