2018: A Look BackConfession: I feel no urgency to hammer out new goals for this year. Please don’t get me wrong; I live a disciplined life immersed with thoughtful intentions and visions. Right now, I choose to linger on the closings and openings I experienced as a result of the turbulent energies of 2018. As a final assignment to mark the end of this year of mastery, my teacher instructed me to write out all that I did, in fact, master.

Some highlights:

  1. My word for 2018 was generosity. I embodied it, for the most part. However, a few glaring hiccups served as valuable teachers instead of magnets for self-sabotage.
  2. I shed more tears this year, transmuting the residue of ancient wounds embedded in my system. I consciously mined the wisdom out of these daunting emotions through open-eyed meditations. Their message: it is okay to leave some scars behind.
  3. I pressed beyond my comfort zone by offering the gROw methodology in more retreat and yoga studio settings (thank you, Lisa, Iris, and Gunda!), writing and filming more breath instruction (thank you, Jill!), moving our group class to a new yoga space, and taking on more trauma-sensitive private work.
  4. I studied primarily with three master teachers, expanding my knowledge of breath (Leslie Kaminoff), Kundalini Yoga (Paramatma Siri Sadhana), and energy work (Bernadette Bloom) so that I can be of pure service and offer diverse teachings for the highest and best good.
  5. I engaged in more soul rituals, including morning sadhana, salt and herb baths, clean food, nature time, moon studies, energy clearings, and release and intention writings.
  6. I relaxed more to support my sober conscious living and sharpen my sensitivity, trust, intuition, and productivity.
  7. I made some messes in my marriage, stayed steady and honest, and identified and dismantled some of my habitual blocks to unconditional love. As a result, our connection deepened.
  8. With my teachers’ help, I unearthed more places where I judge others as either inferior or superior to me and continued to reorient myself toward understanding, love, and healing
  9. I demanded from the Universe more pleasures, clients, exposure, and money -and got them.
  10. For private and group clients of the gROw Method and gROw Yoga, I cultivated movement and breath experiences that were geared especially toward the life that is lived between sessions.
  11. I reveled in a simpler life by editing unnecessary noise and distractions and found more celebration, joy, and laughter because of it.

2019 promises to be a lovely and supportive year. In turn, I promise to tend to my own life, honoring my triumphs and frailties, so that our rivers may merge, and we can float together in the big water.

Thank you for being in my life and practicing with me, whether for a long or brief period of time. I love and respect our connection.

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