2 YearsI’ve written this post and taken it down 3 times.


The honest answer is that I feared people would judge me. However, I know that the only people who judge us are ourselves. I made a commitment as a mother and teacher to be honest so that my family and students would meet with my humanity instead of an inauthentic image.

I am no longer interested in appearing perfect; I’m interested in being connected and real.

So, here it goes: 2 years ago yesterday, I committed to cleaning up my unhealthy relationship with alcohol. I chose to acknowledge the unsavory parts of myself and let them stand next to the beautiful ones. This is what we call Yoga – the place where light and dark stand on equal ground to create wholeness. I do not feel we are on this journey to be right, to defend, or to prove ourselves. We are here to spread our love and light. Please heed the advice of Brene Brown and stop hustling for your worth. You are already worthy.

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