Melanie Tells Her Story

“Overall, everything had gone smoothly with the birth of my first child. I labored and delivered in a hospital with an experienced obstetrician who my husband and I trusted fully and who had given me excellent prenatal care. I gave birth to a beautiful baby without experiencing any complications. I couldn’t help feel, however, that something was missing. Labor didn’t feel the way I had always imagined it to be. The room was busy, too chaotic – and I didn’t feel focused. My mind was distracted by all the movement and noise in the room. I also felt somewhat disappointed that I opted for painkillers when I was hoping to give birth naturally.

So when I got pregnant two years later, I knew I wanted something different. Having a home birth wasn’t an option for me because of my high risk pregnancy and I didn’t know how to change the environment and dynamics of the hospital to make this birth a warmer, more intimate one. The solution came in the form of Robin. She was the missing piece to my labor and delivery puzzle.

I began my work with Robin during my final trimester. I instantly felt very comfortable. Her approach is one of sensitivity, confidence, expertise and peacefulness. She is extremely approachable and knows just the right questions to ask. Robin took the time to listen carefully to my concerns and expectations and then customized a plan that was right for me. She was supportive and nurturing. We definitely connected.

One of the first suggestions Robin had was to write out my thoughts on what I envisioned a perfect birth to be like. This was called my “dream birth.” We did a lot of talking about my “dream birth” over the weeks leading up to delivery and Robin did everything possible in her power to make it happen. She brought everything we would use to the hospital herself so that I could focus solely on my baby. Using a combination of mediums including yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, visual props, music, massage oils and breathing techniques, Robin created a relaxing atmosphere conducive not only to a laboring woman but also inviting to a precious newborn. Her voice was calm as she led me through each contraction.

With her by my side, this delivery was considerably different than with my first born. I was able to stay focused and did not use painkillers. With just 3 pushes, my baby was born. The experience was spiritual and one I’ll never forget. I don’t believe it was just coincidence that Robin and I crossed paths. She was just who I needed in my life at that time to coach me through the miraculous journey of bringing a baby into this world.

Robin possesses a true, innate talent that is hard to sum up in words. My husband and I have a great appreciation of her and what she so naturally brings to her work. We have grown to have a special connection with Robin through this experience and she will always hold a special place in our hearts. We will be forever grateful to her for all she did to help us achieve my dream birth.”

-Melanie M.