Ugh - it happened again!  This weekend, I lost my composure (again) with Stella.  The culprit being our differences regarding electronic use in the home.  Ultimately, I was lashing out at myself for not creating stronger boundaries around this issue and for not providing appropriate outlets for relaxation.  Regardless, there I was forgetting to pause and breathe - the primary pillars of my teaching.
Because I do not believe in coincidences, I just "happen" to listen to Deepak Chopra talking about STOP.  He believes we need to STOP in order to live "mindfully and consciously."

S: stop what you are doing
T:  take a few breaths
O:  observe your body and smile
P:  proceed with kindness and compassion

The ride to school today affirmed this simple but profound technique -  "Mommy, that was such a good morning.  You seemed so patient and kind."