Business and Yoga?

I recently guided graduate students from the Columbia Business School in a one-hour yoga class as part of their Personal Leadership Retreat.
Thriving leaders, according to the Business School, rise from five pillars of personal success:  purpose, wisdom, self-awareness, growth, and love.  Each of these pillars requires our presence, which is one of our greatest commodities.  My intention, then, was for the students to embody presence, using yoga as the vehicle.
Through conscious breathing, yoga merges our body-mind unit with our spirit, and we become presentOur bodies become stronger, our thoughts lose their potency, and our emotions even out.  Most importantly, we gain access to deeper parts of our essence.  When we are operating in the world from this divine place, we become magnets for effortless solutions and solid decision-making.
So, yes, our leaders in the business world can reap awe- inspiring skills from the yoga mat.  It was with a delightful heart that I participated in and witnessed this sweet understanding.